Ever since AdultSwim canceled Aqua Teen Hunger Force I have been sort of blah.

They also canceled Metalocalypse, yet added trash like Bob's Burgers and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell?

The consideration here is that the ratings.

I get it.

Unfortunately, for Metalocalypse this is a case where the ratings weren't up to snuff. The budget for the show was getting too high for the ratings they were pulling in. The show took way more original animation than the relative cheapness something like ATHF took to make.

Unless Mike Lazzo just was executing a personal vendetta, there doesn't seem to be a reason for the show to be gone. The idea that he personally was out to get the show (and others) seems like tin foil hat stuff.

Honestly, I'd trade pretty much any show for ATHF or a new animated Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro show. In a way I feel sort of over it but at the same time I can't help but feel bittersweet about Rick and Morty.

I just really want a new Dave and Matt animated series to mend the open wound in my heart that the cancelation of Aqua Teen left